The world famous ‘Animal Fantastical’ rave with Huw ‘Bunf’ Bunford of Super Furry Animals was a huge success, say organisers.

The Big Fish Little Fish award winning, world famous family rave launched in Buckley, after taking Cardiff by storm for the past year.

The rave was held at The Tivoli in Buckley for an ‘animal fantastical’ themed rave with none other than Super Furry Animals, SFA’s Huw ‘bunf’ Bunford on the decks.

Huw ‘Bunf’ Bunford, switched his guitar for DJ decks as he brought a family rave to Flintshire.

The event pulled in 450 people for the first ever event in Buckely which saw organisers ecstatic and proud to be bringing family fun for the post-rave generation of parents.

Huw Bunford, said: “I wasn’t too sure what to expect but amazed at the turnout for the first event – 450 people turned up and it was great and manageable. They just danced away and it was a thumbs up all around. Brilliant, because the first time of anything, getting the news out isn’t as simple but it was an amazing first turn out. The word of mouth worked magic.

He added: “What I love about Big Fish Little Fish is that it brings something completley new to an unrestricted audience. It brings a family together and every member of the family can get soemthing out of it. It caters to three generations. We believe you are never too young or old for a rave.”

The franchise, which started in London six years ago has had events in Wales for the past year thanks to Bunf and his wife Tabitha - but this was their first rave outside of Cardiff.

The event is geared around the whole family enjoying the experience, with nostalgic parents able to enjoy the track list with a drink, and dance with their kids - or take part in many of the other child-friendly activities, the multi-sensory dancefloor with glitter cannons, bubbles, giant bouncy balloons and the legendary parachute dance.

There were craft tables with themed crafts, face painters, a giant colouring mural, toddler play areas with tents and tunnels, a soft play area, ball pool, a cake stall plus a licensed bar and free glowsticks and transfer tattoos, keeping the families entertained all afternoon.

Rokib Miah, owner of Tivoli, said: “ I didnt know what to expect because we usually just cater to adults so this was something different to have minors in the building. I am sure it was different for the adults to walk out from the building after a rave to find daylight.

“But everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. There was lots of stuff to do for kids. There was a play area, a crafts area, a soft play area, face painters, cake stalls, definitley enough to keep them entertained for the two hours.”

After a successful turnout Big Fish Little Fish will be retuning to The Tivoli Venue in Buckley on the Sunday, October 15.