Buckley 'drug-den' wood needs to be closed off now says councillor


Owen Evans

A community leader says a patch of wasteland frequented by drug users needs to be closed off now.

Buckley councillor Carol Ellis said she has been pushing to have the patch of land, which is close to Southdown School, fenced off from the public.

It comes after the area, which has a pond within it, became subject to police patrols in a bid to tackle
anti-social behaviour within it.

Cllr Ellis said: “The police did say they were stepping up the patrols around there allegedly, although I have not seen any activity around there.

“I have been to speak with [Flintshire Council] again and they have been in touch with the landowner who is supposed to be fencing the area off.

“I don’t know if that has been done yet but if it hasn’t I will continue to chase it up.”

Cllr Ellis said the land, between Elfed Drive and Muirfield Road, could prove dangerous due to the pond within it.

She said: “It still needs fencing off and it has grown over with the summer weather.

“The kids know it is there and they are going to go there. It is an ongoing issue.”

Cllr Ellis previously raised concerns that a youngster could fall into the pond. She has said: “The fence which normally surrounds the site has been wrecked and it is in an area where young people gather and I am afraid that somebody might fall into the pond.

“Kids coming from the schools could go in there, it is very deep.”

Previously, North Wales Police said they were increasing patrols around the area.

Signs placed at the site by the police said: “Patrols are being carried out in this area by the Flintshire Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team following reports of persons using illegal substances.

“If you are breaking the law, you will be prosecuted.”



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    17:05, 11 August 2017

    First Wrexham and now Buckley. What next ?



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